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If you need help donating ask a staff member ingame or add keldeotv on skype
Q and A
Q: Can I get a refund?
A: No all purchases are final
Q:What commands does ___ rank have?
A: Check ingame at /warp donate
Agreement uppon making a donation:

I am younger than the age of 18, but have the permission of my parents/guardians or I am at least 18 years old or the regional age required in order to make payments through paypal.
I will not receive any refunds and I will not let my bank do any chargebacks for me. If a chargeback of any kind should happen, I am aware that this agreement will be shown to PayPal to make them undo the chargeback.
Creditcard chargebacks will be considered as fraud and your rights to join one of our servers will no longer exist as people have abused this in the past.
I am aware that I donate to keep the server up and well maintained.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I want to donate but I'm afraid of people stealing my credit card. Is donating safe?
A: Yes, it's perfectly safe. We're using PayPal as our payment processor. PayPal is under a completely secure SSL connection. Nobody's going to steal your credit card number.

Q: Are donations a monthly subscription or a one time thing?
A: Currently we run  lifetime subscriptions.

Q: I've donated but now what?
A: Log out and back into the server. Please allow up to 60 mins for your rank to change in-game. If it still continues there may be an error, please PM one of the administrators on the forums.
You must inform them; your email which you donated with, your in-game name and the package which you have paid for. If after 24 hours nothing changes, don't hesitate to contact a different admin.
Q: Can I take screenshots and video on the server?
A: 100% Yes. If you want to make a Youtube video advertising our server feel free, we only ask that you link the IP and website.

Q: How long will donations be open for?
A: Donations will always be open

Q: What is $ and can I donate with £ or €?
A: $ is United States Dollars and is the only currency you can donate in, however Paypal will convert your money into this currency for you when you donate - so nothing to worry about.

Q: Do you accept anything other than Paypal?
A:No sorry, currently we only have our Paypal linked.


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